Get weekly progress on your pregnancy.

    The application provides you with weekly analysis and review of your pregnancy from conception untill child birth.These weekly information will help you, advice you and provide you with information neccessary for a healthy pregnancy


    What To do and What not to do

    The application will provide you with the activities that are recommended for you during a particular period of your pregnancy. These activities will enable you exercise and eat well during your pregnancy


    A healthy pregnancy

    The application will help you care for yourself and your unborn baby. The application has the ability to help you make an appointment, with a certified doctor, remind your of your appointment with the doctor. The application can also refer you to the nearest medical facility


What is Mimba Bora?

Mimba Bora is a mobile application that helps expectant women monitor their pregnancy.

It a has been developed by MTL SYSTEMS in collaboration with certified doctors. The application aims at delivering appropriate and relevant information to expectant women through their mobile phones

It also provides necessary information that is crucial for the health of the expectant mother and the unborn child

Why Should I have Mimba Bora?

Mimba Bora is one of a kind application that every expectant mother should have

It will help you monitor your preganacy from conceptual utill child birth. It will also provide you with a list of certified madical facilities near you that you can visit

Though the application you can also book an apponiment with a doctor and get to learn more about a health pregnacy.

How can I get Mimba Bora?

Mimba Bora is free!!!

All you need to do is go to google play and search mimba bora and download it!

Aplications running on ios and symbian are coming soon!